Bottle Stoppers with Replaceable Tops

Dark Wood Bottle Stopper


A wood bottle stopper designed to hold a Snap Top of your choosing.

These bottle stoppers are unique in that they can be changed at any time, simply by changing the Snap Top.

A large variety of designs are available now, including seasonal designs, and new Snap Tops are constantly being made.

In addition, this bottle stopper uses a distinctive stand up design that is made entirely in the USA.

One Snap Top of your choosing comes with this stopper and, if you wish, you can order additional Snap Tops at any time.

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Stoppers are not just for wine ...

They also fit many oil and vinegar bottles, bath oil bottles and whiskey bottles with common sized openings.

Made and patented in the USA.


Unique Turned Bottle Stopper

Attached Snap Holder

A Large Variety of Snap Tops for All Occasions

Stopper Is:

Made of 304 FDA kitchen grade stainless steel

Machined to perfection in the USA

Winery and FDA Approved

Lifetime Guarantee

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